Imperial College London

PhD, Materials Research

Oct 2017 –– Aug 2022

Imperial College London

MEng (Hons), Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

Sep 2013 –– Jun 2017


CEO & Co-founder

Jan 2021 — present

  • CEO - Pre-incorporation spin-out with PhD supervisor
  • Building full stack web app for designing DNA probes, using ReactJS, Flask (Python), MongoDB, Docker and implementing physics model in Python and C++; Genomics tools: samtools, IGV.js
  • Business plan including IP, development strategy, costing plan, market analysis, competitive environment analysis

Water Daily


Dec 2020 — May 2021

  • Freelance developer and business consultant; built e-commerce website using Webflow with tutorials for client; general advisory role; order fulfilment; general maintenance of CMS and product system


Theoretical Scientist

Sep 2019 — Apr 2020

  • First software hire in seed level company working as sole full-time developer on journey to series A
  • Theoretical scientist intern – design and simulations of DNA origami
  • Built internal GUI app for lab users to analyse data extracted from experimental equipment

Imperial College London

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Jan 2018 — Jun 2021

  • 1st year Undergraduate laboratories (Rheology and Polymer Crystallisation)
  • Masters’ Project Supervision (4th Year Undergraduate and Postgraduate Masters)
  • Graduate School – Introduction to LATEX and LATEX for Writing Theses (PhD students)
  • 1st & 2nd year Python programming course design (Introduction to Python and Machine Learning)
  • UROP project supervision (4th Year Undergradute)

IRIS. Drone Technologies


Jan 2016 — Jan 2018

  • Co-founder of start-up specialising in the applications of drones in developing markets for the transport of healthcare materials to remote locations
  • Acting as Managing Director/CTO for a team of seven spread across the UK and Spain

Academic Experience

PhD Thesis – In silico modelling of polymer-based drug delivery systems

Supervisors: Dr. Stefano Angioletti-Uberti & Dr. Theoni Georgiou

  • Conducted Langevin Dynamics at physiological conditions using LAMMPS software package
  • Using ReaDDy for interparticular reaction diffusion (iPRD) simulations, and oxDNA for realistic generation of polymer networks via vitrimer swap-driven dynamics
  • Developed coarse-grained bead-spring polyelectrolyte models for star polymers and genetic material
  • Investigated the free energy of binding and complex structure using steered molecular dynamics
  • Extensive use of Python data analysis tools (pandas, numpy, scipy, matplotlib)
  • Developer of 3 python software packages: starpolymers, hydrogels, softnanotools

Research Exchange – Universidad de Malaga

Supervisor: Professor Rafael Roa

  • Created an analytical model for enzymatic degradation of hydrogel nanoparticles
  • Solved differential equations inspired by the Smoluchowski solution to diffusion-influenced reactions
  • Evaluated models using standard Python packages, compared to real data from experimental work

Masters’ Project – High resolution 3D-printing of novel biomaterials for tissue engineering

Supervisor: Dr. Iain Dunlop

  • Explored the use of two-photon polymerisation (2PP) as a technique for the additive manufacture of poly(ethylene glycol) diacrylate (PEG-DA)
  • Used rheology to quantitatively analyse the mechanical properties of produced hydrogels
  • 3D printed micron-scale structures using a NanoScribe® Photonic 3D printer

Skills, Interests and Achievements

  • EPSRC Doctoral Training Partnership PhD Scholarship at Imperial College London
  • Henry Royce Scholarship for Impulse 2021 at the Maxwell Centre, University of Cambridge (nanograb prev. xSense)
  • Finalist of Armourers & Brasiers’ Company Enterprise Award 2021 & 2022 (nanograb prev. xSense)
  • Thomas Young Centre — Junior Research Fellowship Award
  • Nominee for Student Academic Choice Awards Graduate Teaching Assistant of the Year 2018 & 2019
  • CECAM MolSim 2018 — Amsterdam Workshop attendant
  • Winner of Social Enterprise Fund — Imperial College Union March 2016 (IRIS. Drone Technologies)
  • Speaker at A.C.T. Now launch event — Imperial College Union October 2016 (IRIS. Drone Technologies)
  • Speaker at Do It Now Now — Startups for Africa August 2016, February 2017 (IRIS. Drone Technologies)
  • Imperial College Union — Skills Development Programme, ILM Level 5: Management of Volunteers
  • Confident with quantitative analysis, critical assessment of literature, rapid skills development, public speaking, assertive leadership, working individually or as part of a large team, technical guidance, and personal support
  • IT Skills: Python (advanced); MS Office (advanced); LATEX (advanced); BASH (intermediate); NodeJS (intermediate); HTML/CSS/JS (intermediate); MATLAB (intermediate); C++ (intermediate); React (intermediate); MongoDB/NoSQL (basic); Rust (basic); Docker (basic); Kubernetes (basic); Go (basic)
  • Languages: English (native), Spanish (basic), French (basic), Bengali (basic)